Wheel Boring Equipment

BBM Railway Equipment is the exclusive distributor of Phoenix Wheel Boring Equipment for the North American rail industry. Phoenix’s wheel boring machines pair well with our wheel presses to make a great combination for your wheel shop or maintenance facility upgrade. These versatile CNC machines can be used for boring, facing, drilling and tapping operations.  Several options are also available such as; tooling packages, high pressure coolant systems, part probes, tool probes, and hydraulic chucks. The machine ships as a large unit (with the conveyor and the guards removed) and can be placed on your floor and leveled using eight simple adjusting bolts with no special foundations required.

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VTC-1000 Turret
Wheel Boring

Wheel Boring

Wheel Boring

VTC-1000 Turret Wheel Boring Machine

This compact, cost-effective family of machines started with the VTC-1000, built with a 12-position turret. Unlike other similar machines at the time, the Phoenix VTC-1000 was designed with an angle-mounted turret for added tool clearance.

VTC-1000tc Wheel Boring Machine

For added convenience, Phoenix created the 2nd generation of the VTC-1000 equipped with a ram and tool changer. This model eliminated the need for boring bars and hook tools, increased rigidity and allowed for deeper cutting depth. These machines have since been used for everything from aerospace parts to railroad wheels.

VTC-1500 Wheel Boring Machine

The VTC-1500 expanded the line of compact machines by increasing swing, enabling the machine to handle a bigger part diameter than previous models. Built with a 37 inch Ram and fixed Cross Rail, this machine is as robust as some that have a much larger footprint while sticking to the compact framework and cost-effective price point of the Phoenix compact vertical family.

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