Truck / Bogie Testing Stands

Lifting & Handling Machines


Wheelset Presses

BBM Railway Equipment offers the most advanced wheel pressing equipment available in the industry. Wheel-set Presses are used to mount and dismount all of the elements on the axle (wheels, brake discs, gears and bearings).

Truck / Bogie Testing Stands

BBM Railway Equipment offers a full line of truck pressing and/or testing equipment. These machines range from basic truck presses, used to simulate the weight of the railcar, to the most advanced, fully automatic truck testing stands, used to perform load testing and geometrical measurements of the truck assembly.

Lifting & Handling Systems

BBM Railway Equipment has expanded our product offering to now include the full complement of lifting, handling and rotating equipment to meet your specific application. These systems include underfloor car hoists, drop table systems, repair hoists, turntables rotators, and more.

Specialty Equipment

BBM Railway Equipment offers a variety of specialty/auxiliary equipment for wheel shops, railcar maintenance facilities and manufacturing facilities. With a team of dedicated and experienced engineers, BBM Railway Equipment can develop a custom solution to meet your specific application requirements.