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BBM Railway Equipment has expanded our product offerings to now include a full complement of lifting, handling and rotating equipment to meet your specific application. These systems include underfloor car hoists, drop table systems, repair hoists, turntables rotators, and more. BBM also performs inspection, repair and service for all major railcar lifting and maintenance equipment to keep your equipment safe and reliable. For lifting and handling equipment that features a complex electrical control system, remote diagnostic assistance is available as an option for the most efficient machine support.


We have also expanded our service capabilities to include field repairs, preventative maintenance, equipment rebuilds and engineering services. Our service abilities include a variety of machines such as: wheel presses, truck test stands, railcar hoists, truck repair hoists, drop tables and turntables from a variety of manufacturers including Whiting, Macton, and more. We can perform basic inspections of your equipment or even provide a multi-year service contract for inspection and preventative maintenance to keep your equipment up and running at peak performance and extend the life of the machine. As industrial technology continues to develop, we understand that your equipment control system can become obsolete in a very short amount of time. That is why we also offer full control system upgrades for various types of railway maintenance equipment. Contact us below to discuss your service and engineering needs today!



Wheel-set /


Railcar Hoist


Drop Table

Wheel-set / Truck Turntable

When intersecting tracks exist in a wheel shop or maintenance facility, a turntable is a fast and effective method for switching a wheel-set or a truck assembly to the adjacent track without the use of an overhead crane. BBM turntables are available in diameters ranging from 5.5’ to 12’ and can be configured to rotate automatically or manually using a telescoping push bar.

Truck Repair Hoist

Truck repair hoists are an efficient and convenient option to elevate the truck assembly to an ergonomic height for maintenance and/or repair work to be performed on truck assemblies. BBM truck repair hoists are available in shallow-pit or deep-pit configurations with a two-post or a four-post design, depending on the specified capacity.

Underfloor Railcar Hoist System

Underfloor railcar hoist systems provide the mechanics with the ability to lift the entire train in the air for repair and maintenance purposes. Utilizing a set of railcar body hoists, a truck assembly can be disconnected from the vehicle and lowered back down to ground level for a quick solution to replace a broken or worn-out truck assembly with a replacement assembly. BBM railcar hoist systems are available in conventional deep pit, shallow pit, or C Frame design configurations with self-locking mechanical lifting screws for added safety.

Wheel-set Drop Table

Wheel-set drop table systems provide a quick and effective solution for dropping a single wheel-set assembly out of the truck frame without the need to remove the entire truck assembly from the vehicle. Wheel-set drops are available in a fixed configuration (no lateral movement) or a translating configuration where the table can traverse laterally to a parallel release track for ease of wheel-set removal and replacement.

Truck Drop Table System

Truck drop table systems can be used to remove an entire truck assembly from the vehicle while the car body is positioned and supported directly above the table. The truck is disconnected from the vehicle, lowered, traversed laterally and raised to a parallel release track. It can then be removed from the drop table system to a maintenance area where inspection and repair can be performed. BBM drop table systems are available in a hydraulic scissors lift configuration or a four post mechanical screw configuration. The mechanical screw option is available in a deep pit or a shallow pit design, depending on the specified capacity.

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