Specialty Equipment

BBM Railway Equipment offers a variety of specialty/auxiliary equipment for wheel shops, railcar maintenance facilities and manufacturing facilities. With a team of dedicated and experienced engineers, BBM Railway Equipment can develop a custom solution to meet your specific application requirements. For equipment that features a complex electrical control system, remote diagnostic assistance is available as an option for the most efficient machine support.

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Testing Rig


Bearing Mounting Press

The BBM bearing mounting press is a dedicated bearing mounting machine typically used in a high production wheel shop. Once the wheels have been mounted onto the axle by the wheel mounting press, the wheel-set can then be transferred downstream to the dedicated bearing mounting machine where the bearings are mounted.

Bearing Demounting Press

The BBM bearing demounting press is a dedicated bearing demounting machine that is also commonly found in a high production wheel shops. When the used wheel-sets enter the facility to be overhauled, the first step in the process is to remove the bearings. Once the bearings have been removed by the bearing demounting press, the wheel-set can then be transferred downstream to the dedicated wheel demounting machine so the wheels can be scrapped and the axle can be reused.

Spring Testing Press

Our spring testing press can be used for testing coil and leaf springs. Spring tests can be performed with dedicated machines (one for each type of spring) or with a single, integrated and universal solution. Load tests can be performed on the springs to calculate the spring rate and compression diagrams can be graphed in real-time. The BBM spring testing machines are available in a hydraulic or a mechanical screw configuration.

Dynamic Truck Testing Rig

The Dynamic Truck Testing Rig is an advanced and robust system designed to support the truck assembly below the bearings so the wheels are free to rotate. The truck is connected to a power supply system and full operational tests of the traction motors and bearings are performed in a soundproof enclosure. The machine is controlled at the operator control station outside of the enclosure and all test data is collected and stored in the system.

Ultrasonic Testing System

Our Ultrasonic Testing Equipment is designed to inspect the running surface of the wheel for cracks. The inspection envelope for the wheel is approximately 3.5” wide x  2” deep. This equipment is available in two different configurations; a fixed version where the machine is fixed to the shop floor while the train rolls over it or a mobile version where the machine can move inside of a pit and runs below the train.

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